What is ARHEVE?

ARHEVE is not just an electronic library, but an international project that aims to preserve cultural heritage objects in electronic format and provide convenient access to everyone. These include books*, art objects, photographs, and historical documents.

* Despite the large amount of accumulated visual content, only books will be available in the first versions of ARHEVE.

Who is ARHEVE intended for?

For everyone who likes to read classical literature and/or is interested in history and art. For adults and children who have a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

How much does it cost to access ARHEVE?

The ARHEVE app is free, and the most popular materials, such as works from the school literature curriculum, do not require a paid subscription. Access to all materials without exception is free.

What is the difference from many similar online libraries and archives?

The simplest possible interface — with a concise responsive design adapted to work on any device.
No ads at all (except for ads about our own projects).
The ability to bulk download books for offline reading.
Support for many platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.
The language range — there are already libraries available in 10 languages in the first version.


Who we are?

Professionals with 20 years of experience in software development (more than 500 products), graphic design, and book publishing (dozens of books). ARHEVE is the result of many years of work by dozens of specialists who love books and everything beautiful.

I like ARHEVE, how can I help the project?

First, help spread information about it: we will be very grateful if you tell your friends about ARHEVE — send them a link to arheve.org and share your impressions about reading in ARHEVE in social networks.
You can also participate in the search for materials, their digitization, and subsequent processing. Contact us using the form for more information on how to get involved.
Financial support is required for the full development of a non-commercial project. If you are ready to become our sponsor, please read the information on the Sponsor page. As a token of gratitude for a donation of 200 euros, we will send a special sponsor certificate, and for 500 euros, we will present an original bookmark made of .925 sterling silver.

Who are we ready to cooperate with?

If you are a representative of a library, archive, cultural center, other public organization, a journalist, or owner of an information resource, we are open to discussing fruitful cooperation. Please send us a message using the contact form.