Embedded online reader

ARHEVE Online Reader is an original software product designed for displaying text files in TXT format in a web browser window.

ARHEVE Online Reader can be used on third-party websites via the API.
For access to the API, detailed instructions, and a license agreement, please contact us using the contact form.
Please describe your project in the message and provide a link to its website.
The licensing conditions for ARHEVE Online Reader depend on the type and subject of the project and are negotiated individually.

Features of ARHEVE Online Reader:

  • Displaying UTF8-encoded TXT files (universal for many platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux).
  • Well-designed adaptive interface, tested by a large number of users (many of their comments and suggestions were taken into account).
  • All the document display settings that are necessary for most users.
  • You can change: background and font color; font and text size; text alignment (full or left alignment); text navigation type (page turning or scrolling).
  • And also: night mode (dark color design); bookmarks and tables of contents; full-text search.