Yanivsky Zaton

Yanivsky Zaton

Yanivsky Zaton is an artificial reservoir created for solving transport problems in the city of Pripyat. In the 1970s – 1980s, water transportation was used extensively to move passengers and goods from Kyiv and Chernobyl to Pripyat. Passenger ferries made several trips a day. Construction material for the Chernobyl NPP was delivered by river.

Yanivsky Zaton 2

Today, there are still 4 cargo cranes in the bay that worked there before the accident. As a result of the disaster, the area of water and surroundings were heavily contaminated with radioactive substances, for which a dam was erected between the inlet and the Pripyat River to protect them.

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Yanivsky Zaton Today.

Today, Yanivsky Zaton is a closed reservoir. It attracts the attention of scientists studying the levels of radionuclide contamination in plants and fish, as well as the consequences of their exposure. Another cult place for all lovers of post-apocalypse Pripyat is the river port on the Yanivsky inlet.
It was here that the legendary Soviet “Rocket” moored – hydrofoil vessels. Excursions to the city were offered every Saturday and Sunday. Tourists were fed multi-course meals at the city restaurant, and its 100 seats were always occupied.


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