Ukrainian Bread

The rich Ukrainian chernozem (black soil) is ideal for growing grain crops, so the national cuisine has long been famous for its delicious pastries. However, Ukrainian Bread or Kyiv Bread holds a special place. A round loaf of black bread is the symbol of a generous feast, hospitality, and homey comfort. It has a special sweet-salty taste and fragrant aroma, and perfectly complements other favorite Ukrainian dishes: served with borsch and “zharkoy” (roasted meat and potatoes); its ideal for sandwiches with salo; many gourmets like to rub the crust with garlic to heighten the flavor for snacks with horilka.

Ukrainian Bread

The famous Ukrainian Bread.

This bread is made from a mixture of wheat and rye flour with the addition of malt. There are many recipes, but there is an invariable rule: there should be more rye flour than wheat, from 60 to 80 percent.
The famous “Ukrainian” bread appeared on the shelves in 1954; since then, the recipe has been refined several times. Almost every Kyiv resident will remember that, upon departure, guests of the capital would take two famous presents with them – the white and green box with “Kyiv” cake and several loaves of “Ukrainian” (“Kyiv”) bread.

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