Trolleybus in Chernobyl

Trolleybus in Chernobyl

The interesting history of Trolleybus in Chernobyl.

There are many objects in the Exclusion Zone that are surprising by their obvious irrelevance, such as the motor boat on the Volkhov, although there is not a single reservoir in the area. A no less absurd and fantastic spectacle is the famous “Chernobyl trolley” which “goes to the east.” It stands in the middle of a field, almost completely demolished and buried in the ground on the outskirts of the village Kopachi, very close to Chernobyl.

Trolleybus in Chernobyl 2

There has never been a road or power lines here. Where did it come from? This city trolley, brand MTB-82, was the most common in the USSR from 1946 to 1961. Some 5,000 of these trolleybuses were produced. By early 1960, all of them had been written off and used for different purposes. The inscription “Master station #2 RayDRSU Chernobyl” can be seen on the trolleybus from the village Kopachi. It was used as a self-propelled storage room during the construction of the nuclear power plant. Now it has become a cult tourist attraction with an interior that includes chairs and a table with notes left by visitors.


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