The Puppet Theater in Kyiv

The Puppet Theater in Kyiv

The history of Puppet Theater in Kyiv.

The medieval castle with tall spires arose in Khreshchaty Park only dates that back to 2005. Architect Vladimir Yudin added many fairy-tale characters, popular with kids because this is the home of the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre. The surrounding area continues the same fairy-tale theme. Here also, the oldest water tower in Kyiv (1876) houses the Water museum and Water information center (2003).

The Puppet Theater in Kyiv 2

The walls of the Puppet Theater are decorated with a peacock mosaic which has survived the removal of the old Dnipro cinema which used to be here. Luxuriant flowerbeds, spiral staircases, the Thumbelina fountain, and bronze figures of characters from Alexey Tolstoy’s wonderful tale are all part of the childhood charm. The puppet castle has two audience halls designed for 300 and 110 spectators and when entering this land of fairytales, kids can see and even handle the antique puppets. There is a comfortable cafe also popular with the children. Suitably refreshed, then take a wander among the spectacular butterflies and fairy dragons, and heroes of popular cartoons. Kyiv families and guests love to stroll through Khreshchatyi Park. From here, you also have views of the Dnieper River and the entire Left bank area.

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