Synevyr is the largest mountain lake in Ukraine, formed about 10,000 years ago as a result of an earthquake. It is located in the Carpathians at an altitude of about 1,000 m (3,280 ft) above sea level. Its deep waters (up to 24 m / 79 ft) do not warm up above 12 oC (53 oF) even in hot summer, so it’s not possible to swim in it.
Lake Synevyr is fed by three mountain streams, which maintain the high level of its crystal-clear water.
Surrounded by Carpathian spruces, Synevyr has the shape of an irregular diamond. In the middle is an island, similar to the pupil of the eye. Hence the lake’s other name – Sea Eye.


On the eastern shore rises a 13-m (43-ft) wooden sculpture of two lovers. According to legend, this amazing lake appeared from the tears of a count’s daughter, Syn’, when her angry father ordered her lover, Vir, to be killed. Synevyr is a beloved place for tourists who come here with backpacks and tents. Here you can spend the night at a camp site; in the afternoon, take impressive photos, admire the watery surface, or go skiing; and in the evening, try national dishes and listen to musicians.

The National Nature Park Synevyr.

There is really something to see in the National Nature Park Synevyr: salt karst caves, ancient monuments of wooden architecture, and Kamenetsky waterfall are well-preserved. All this can be viewed by walking, cycling, or riding a horse. The lake is beautiful in any weather, even the rain gives it a mystical charm.
You can get there by trains going to Uzhhorod or Chop. Get off at the Volovets station, and continue on to the village of Synevyrskaya Polyana (90 km / 56 mi). There is a bus once a day, but you can take a taxi. Not far from the lake is a hotel with a restaurant. If you don’t have time to see everything in a day, rest assured, you can eat tasty food and arrange for an overnight stay here.

Natalia Soboleva


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