Puzata Hata in Kyiv

Puzata Hata

Today, it is one of most popular restaurant chains of Ukrainian cuisine found in Kyiv and other major cities. The brand was founded in 2003 based on affordable prices, national recipes, and a great choice of simple, good quality dishes.These restaurants offer mouth-watering meals that cater to every taste – from borsch and solyanka to dumplings with various fillings, cabbage rolls and potato fritters with sour cream; pancakes, cheese cakes, cutlets, pot-roasts, sausages; as well as baked puddings, pastries, jellies and other desserts from their own mini-bakeshops, and much more. As this eatery is very popular with Kyiv locals and visitors to Kyiv, it may get busy at times, especially during lunch hour or during holidays. The queues clearly indicate that the food is tasty here.

Puzata Hata 2

Puzata Hata is the best Ukrainian fast food.

Puzata Hata has a very homey atmosphere. This is domestic Ukrainian fast food at its best. Conveniently placed in many locations, most restaurants have conservatories. The one located at Kontraktova Square in Podil has a fountain in a nice gallery on the 2nd floor. A perfect place either for food on the go or a more leisurely meal as you wander around the city.

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