Pushcha-Vodytsia is traditionally one of the most popular leisure areas for Kyivans. This nature park located on the city’s north-western edge used to be an urban-type settlement, which was transferred to Kyiv city as part of Obolonskyi district in 2001. Here you can hear the rustle of centuries-old coniferous forests and murmurs of beautiful lakes and streams, relax on the sandy beaches, or rent boats and catamarans. The etymology of “Pushcha- Vodytsia” is interesting: the name was combined from two Slavic words, pushcha, which means “dense forest” and Vodytsia, the name of a nearby river (no longer in existance). In the 11th century, it was the favorite hunting spot of Kyiv’s princes. In 1724, Peter I established a reserve to protect the unique coniferous forests. In the 1890s, the Pushcha-Vodytsia cottage settlement was founded, which immediately became a pilgrim retreat for Kyivans.

Pushcha-Vodytsia 2

The nature park Pushcha-Vodytsia.

Its beauty attracted not only ordinary people but many writers, artists and historic personalities. Pushcha was visited by Tsar Peter I, Empress Catherine II, Nikolai Gogol, Taras Shevchenko and even Leo Tolstoy. Located within a dense forest and away from the urban Kyiv, it is known for a number of recreational facilities. Children’s camps, sanatoriums and health clinics. Despite lots and lots of holidaymakers in the summertime, Pushcha remains an amazingly quiet and peaceful place. With its clean air and serenity Puscha-Vodytsia is a perfect place to withdraw from the hectic pace of city life and calm both mind and body. Even the pathway to this unique place adjusts you to its romantic and relaxing pace. The tram line connecting Pushcha with the central Kyiv district of Podil passes through green forests and is more than 100 years old. An excellent place for a picnic, skiing, or a quiet walk.

Lidiia Shokha


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