Protasiv Yar

Protasiv Yar

Protasiv Yar is an historic area located in Solomenskyi and partly in the Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv. It stretches down the southeastern slope of mount Batyi. The unique ski resort with 0.8 km of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding opened in 1998. You can get there from Olimpiiska metro station by taxi-buses No. 495 and 450 or trolleybus No. 40. The ski complex Protasiv Yar is a corner of the Carpathians in the capital city: the training base for Olympic teams of Ukraine in Alpine skiing and snowboarding, and venue for all-Ukrainian and international competitions. There is also a training center for children and youth sports schools and the complex hosts the city and regional events in skiing and snowboarding as well.

Protasiv Yar 2

Protasiv Yar has four ski trails.

Protasiv Yar has four ski trails of different complexity: 150 m – a training route for children; 275 m – a route for beginners; 320 m – for athletes and experienced amateurs (certified by International Federation of Alpine Skiing); 500 m – a route for experts who wish to become even more expert. There are two lifts: a one person for the 275-m trail and a two person for the 320-m trail. However, anyone can feel thoroughly relaxed here in winter – go sledding, participate in thematic contests and drink hot chocolate in good company. Near Protasiv Yar one can visit two other attractions – Baykove cemetery and the legendary abandoned laboratory, in which military scientists reportedly tried – and failed – to create super-soldiers!

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