Metrograd in Kyiv

Metrograd in Kyiv

Metrograd shopping mall is commonly referred as to as The Underground City, and for good reason. Before 2001, between Lva Tolstogo Square, Bessarabka Square and Khreshchatyk, there were long underground crosswalks which were later reconstructed. That is how the largest modern twolevel shopping mall in Ukraine appeared. It covers 25,000 m2 and has 23 entrances and exits located in the busiest places of the downtown. Being new to this place, it is very easy to get lost here, even if you pay attention to multiple directional signs, and when you come out of the mall, it is not unusual to have no idea where you are.

Metrograd in Kyiv 2

Metrograd is a long, wide corridor with many original shops. For your shopping convenience, shops of a similar nature are grouped together into one of the 13 so called “Quarters”. So you will find gifts (in New Passway), clothing and footwear, kids’ stuff, sports, services, home goods, furniture, books, appliances, boutiques, entertainment and restaurants. Quarters 12 and 13 are best described as miscellaneous. You can easily find any shop you need and its location on the Metrograd official site. There are no big stores in Metrograd, only small shops, but many of them sell high quality goods and provide many useful services. Kyivans prefer to walk around Metrograd in winter, where they find here a cozy shelter from bad weather. Not long ago the shopping mall was renovated, and now it is decorated with traditional Ukrainian designs and every quarter has its own key color.

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