Kyiv Spring

The Spring in Kyiv.

In late April – early May, Kyiv is suddenly transformed by a flood of green as the sun shines down through the bright, fresh new leaves. Four months of a hot dry summer later, and the foliage will have been scorched and burned into yellows and browns. But that’s for later. A second feature of Kyiv which often surprises visitors are the abundant fruit trees in the gardens of the older houses. Cherries, apricots, apples and pears bloom in the spring filling the air with their delicate fragrance. Soon after the numerous lilacs and horse chestnuts burst into flower Kyiv chestnuts with their spatulate five fingered leaves and white and pink candle-like flower stalks are the official symbol of the city. Kyiv lilacs are seen at their best in the Central Botanical Garden.

Kyiv Spring

Ordinary to look at for the rest of the year, in May they put on a tremendous display of colour and scent. It is customary for Kyivans to make a special visit to see the lilacs at this time of the year and crowds are substantial. A week or two after the lilacs, it is the turn of the peony fields to bloom in the Botanical Garden. At this time of the year the air is fresh and clean and not too hot. Although the real summer is not far away. Fountains burble, the birds are singing and the icy winter is quickly forgotten. The hills are green and carpeted with wild flowers. And the common guide book phrase “Kyiv – the green pearl” makes perfect sense. If you have the choice, come to Kyiv in the spring – it is very special.

Victoria Ugryumova


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