Kyiv Sea & HPP

Kyiv Sea

This unique complex began in 1964, with the construction of a huge dam and enormous reservoir to increase electricity generation for all of the country. This large hydro system comprises the HPP (Hydro Power Production) building, the overflow diversion dam, the single-chamber lock for boats, and connecting highway.

Kyiv Sea 2

Kyiv Sea is located in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

The Soviet Union’s first water storage plant, a few kilometers away, is also part of this system. Villages, churches, pastures, meadows and cemeteries, now underwater were submerged when this vast reservoir was filled. It almost reaches the Belarus border and spreads across both the Kyiv and Chernigov regions.  Three rivers of the Dnieper basin – Prypyat, Uzh (Natrix) and Teterev (Grouse) – flow into the Kyiv Sea.

Kyiv Sea 3

This reservoir is the most recent of the Dnieper cascade hydropower plants that include six similar facilities. Its maximum width is 12 km, average depth – 4 m, maximum depth – 14.5 m. The total area is 922 km². The reservoir is used for hydropower generation, water transport, water supply and fish farming. Kyivans, however, almost at once saw as another sea just a short distance from the capital. It is customary to spend overnight weekends here sailing, fishing and picnicking with family and friends.

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