Kontraktova Square

Kontraktova Square

The Kontraktova Square is one of the oldest squares in Kiev.

This unique historical and architectural complex has developed and changed throughout history. Podil is the oldest district of Kyiv. In its center, Kontraktova Square, was formed in the times of the Kyivan Rus. Here were located such important city agencies as Kontraktovyi House and the Shopping arcade. These buildings are still present, although their former functions have changed. The square used to be home to Magistrates, Mohylyanska Academy famous throughout Europe, the Greek Monastery of St. Catherine, and the Bratsk Monastery of the Epiphany. Also the Podil main temple – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church mentioned in the poem “Words about Igor’s regiment”. The Samson fountain is another addition to this collection of historical and architectural monuments. The Kontraktovi Fairs, well-known throughout Eastern Europe, were held here.

Kontraktova Square 2

Nowadays, the square is still a business center and also a leisure spot for Kyivans and visitors. Plan for the next renovation of the square are already in progress. The intention is to do away with the untidiness – the jumble of small stalls and kiosks; and to restore the Kontraktovyi House and Magistrate Hall buildings to their original forms. To redesign the whole area next to the statue of philosopher and educator Gregory Skovoroda and to introduce public gardens; and to build some attractive cafes here.

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