Closer to Pripyat is the recreation camp “Izumrudnoye” (“Emerald”). It is a real paradise, located on the bank of the Chernobyl NPP cooling pond. Before the accident, soldiers from the garrison of the secret town Chernobyl-2 liked to rest here, as well as nuclear engineers and people with connections, because getting a pass for the Emerald was quite difficult. At the camp, there are about 100 wooden summer houses spread throughout a beautiful pine grove. Just like other recreation camps, the Emerald wasn’t abandoned immediately after the accident.

Izumrudnoye 2

There in Izumrudnoye squadron of liquidators was stationed here.

A squadron of liquidators was stationed here. Their respirators and other things can still be found throughout the area. A well-worn vehicle track is striking at the entrance: someone regularly comes here. However, it is not surprising that the main road from Dytyatky to Chernobyl NPP passes nearby, and there is the Leliv checkpoint at the 10-kilometer Exclusion Zone. Quite often, guided tours with extended programs come here. It should be noted that the buildings and their contents are relatively well preserved. On the main street there are information stands on which they placed ads and propaganda. Many courtyards have tables and benches. There is also a water tower. A shop was here, and you can still find refrigerators in it. There is a summer cinema with a still-standing projection booth and a painted wooden fence on which fairy-tale characters invite everyone to the next show: “Watch today on the screen.”

Izumrudnoye 3


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