The interesting history of Gonchary-Kozhemyaki.

Gonchary-Kozhemyaki urochische – the traditional place of the potters and leather makers since ancient times. The surrounding hills shielded the craftsmen from bad weather and streams provided them with water. For landslide and flood protection Kyivans used the engineering technology of that time.

Gonchary-Kozhemyaki 2

Part of the area – the Gonchary – got its name from the principal craft of the locals which was pottery. There was a marketplace close to the river and from there pots were transported to different regions by boat. The fire of 1811 reduced most of Podil to ashes but the pottery business survived and recovered. Next door was the Kozhemyaki, where leather makers were engaged in their speciality. From here, originated the legend of the epic hero Nikita the Kozhemyaka, who defeated the terrible dragon-ogre and rescued Kyivans from death.

Alexander Anisimov


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