Funicular in Kyiv

This public service began in May 8, 1905. The primary purpose of the Mikhailovsky funicular was to provide passenger transport between the Upper city and Podil.

Funicular in Kyiv

Many people saw the funicular as a fun experience, riding up and down several times in succession. Here at the bottom station were the first turnstiles in Kyiv, tall gilt framed mirrors and public toilets. The top and bottom stations were linked by telephone. In the summer of 1928, there was an accident. While replacing a cable, a car at the top ran away and crashed into its “brother”. No-one was hurt but both cable cars were completely destroyed. The Dombal Kyiv works built new replacement cars which were more comfortable and stylish. In 1929 the funicular railway was extended to Poshtova (Post) Square. In 1958 the original mechanisms in the engine house were brought up to date. The last major overhaul with full renovation of the cable cars took place in the early 1980s.

Alexander Anisimov


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