Free books about Ukraine

Dear friends,
Our publishing house SKY HORSE located in Kyiv, which has issued many books about Ukraine and its capital over the past 12 years.
You know that our country is going through a difficult time right now. Alas, we can no longer publish paper books, so we have decided to distribute them FOR FREE in electronic form.
Please download the books Interesting Ukraine, Interesting Kyiv and Interesting Chernobyl as PDF files here:



Why did we post this books for free instead of selling them, for example, through Amazon? Today we really need the recognition of Ukraine as a full-fledged civilised European state. I hope that after reading (or just looking through) these books, you will be convinced that Ukraine is not a “third world” country, but a strong, beautiful state, with its own interesting history, worthy of being a member of the EU.
Please share this information with your friends.