Child Care Facilities in Pripyat

Child Care Facilities in Pripyat

The Child Care Facilities in Pripyat today.

Pripyat was not only the “youngest” city of Ukraine. It could rightly be called “the most childish.” By the spring of 1986, out of 49,600 inhabitants, there were 15,600 children. And the best conditions were created for them. Thus, there were 15 kindergartens with almost 5,000 places and five schools with 6,786 places, along with a vocational school for 600 students and a children’s art school with 312 places.

Today, all these abandoned buildings are tourist attractions in the Exclusion Zone. Even now, when their facilities are in utter desolation, partially looted and affected by radiation and time, you may still get an idea of how the daily life of Pripyat children looked and felt. Visitors are particularly impressed by the countless children’s gas masks, hurriedly abandoned in the kindergartens, in the basements of schools, and simply in classrooms.


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