Cafe Pripyat

Cafe Pripyat

The famous Cafe Pripyat in Pripyat abandoned city, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

In Pripyat, there were several restaurants, cafes, and cheaper and simpler eating establishments for young professionals. The canteens “Druzhba” (“Friendship”), “Vstrecha” (“Meeting”), and “Electronika” (“Electronics”) were at the station. A meal ticket cost 1 ruble (about $1), which got you 2 soups, 2 main dishes, 2 salads, 2 beverages, and 2 buns.

Cafe Pripyat 2

At the port on Yanivsky Zaton, which still remains one of the city’s most polluted places, there was the small cafe “Pripyat.” It was there in 1977 that the builders celebrated the launch of the 1st power unit at the Chernobyl NPP.
Now it is empty. The windows are knocked out, equipment is broken, and garbage is everywhere. But the stained-glass windows that adorn the establishment are still intact. In the courtyard there are machines with carbonated water. Someone constantly brings a clean glass here and puts it in the decrepit vending machine, as if expecting soda to start flowing.


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