The radioactive waste disposal facility Buryakivka is named after a village of the same name, although they are located quite far from each other. This is a large fenced field where more than 1.3 million tons of radioactive waste is buried in special trenches measuring 150×50 meters (492×164 ft), packed with a meter-thick layer of clay. “Dirty” equipment is allotted to a special small area. Cars are stacked up on each other almost in piles.

Buryakivka 2

The radiation contamination is much higher than in Rassokha, and the range of vehicles is somewhat different. Military helicopters Mi-24 (“Crocodiles”) are also preserved here. They were modified to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Since the Mi- 24 had airtight cabins with radiation protection, they were adapted for radiation reconnaissance. In the southeastern part of the repository, there is a sludge disposal site. The bodies of Mi-8 helicopters, fire engines, military equipment (BRDM, BTR, IMR), tankers, etc. are located there. At Buryakivka, you can even see a wheeled robot that worked on the roof of the destroyed 4th power unit and “died” from the extreme radiation levels.


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