Bear Sculpture in Pripyat

This funny bear sculpture stands near the existing facilities in the 1st district of Pripyat. It invariably attracts the attention of visitors to the Exclusion Zone and has become not only a favorite subject for photographing, but also captured in the cult game S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the creators of which have tried to include all known artifacts of Pripyat. Why is this little bear so remarkable?

Bear Sculpture in Pripyat

The funnyBear Sculpture in Pripyat.

Everything that has been created by and for people – no matter how simple and naive it is, causes the aching feeling of guilt – deepening loneliness of these things. Unlike nature, which only sighed and blossomed in the absence of man, these bears, horses, pigs, dwarves, lion cubs, and turtles, painted on houses, still carry on their mission. Sadly, they serve to bring more amazement than joy to an endless stream of visitors, not to the young children who were their original audience.


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