Art-Zavod Platforma

Art-Zavod Platforma

Even the most unsightly places can be rescued and turned into a multifunctional and entertaining venue for recreation, creativity and development. Which is what happened to Darnytskyi silk factory. In 2001 one of its buildings was turned into Darynok market, and 13 years later the team of associates got around to the other derelicts and started their reconstruction. They removed debris and renovated these abandoned wrecks, replacing windows and tiling a central area, re-turfed the grounds and laid down a convenient parking lot. So this abandoned factory near Lisova metro station became the first Kyiv factory of art with a total area of 120,000 m². In autumn 2014, the Platform whose fame was growing, was the venue for Kyiv’s first street food festival. This was rapidly followed by a host of other events… concerts, handicrafts and flea markets, different shows and entertainment, participation and master classes, the show-rooms of young designers, a permanent food court, lectures and dozens of different festivals. There are coffee shops, playgrounds, galleries, parks etc. The area is constantly growing and improving. But Platform’s philosophy remains the same. Our world is constantly changing, therefore, for the sake of success and bringing innovations to life, business should embrace creativity.

Art-Zavod Platforma 2

The project team work on constantly improving this vibrant “city in the city” in order to make it as convenient and inspiring as possible. The street food festival and the monthly Kurazh Bazar flea market are the most well-known and popular events. In just a couple of years the street food festival grew from a small party where you could try unusual dishes to a huge event for thousands of visitors with a lot of entertainment where you can spend the whole day. Kurazh Bazar flea market has become a charity zone, where funds are raised for various needy causes, and all proceeds from sales go to such destinations. The organizers support disabled people and arrange for special buses for them to get here. Entrance to events is always free. In 2018 Kurazh Bazar moved to the Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG, or Exhibition) having outgrown its original venue.

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